* What Now?

Brands are undergoing radical changes to try and stay relevant. So how can you stay ahead of the curve, when what’s relevant today might not be relevant tomorrow?

The Belgian Association of Marketing is where marketers come together to evolve the industry with Meaningful Marketing fuelling its core. So what will you do, be stuck in the present? Or create for the future?


+ Benefits

  • Participation in Expert Hubs
  • Access to Member Exclusive content
  • 30% minimum discount to BAM events & training workshops
  • Exclusive and free invitation to our annual BAM party
  • Monthly marketing newsletter
  • Extra: Weekly Trends magazine subscription

/ SOLO Membership

Are you an independent marketer ready to connect with 550+ professionals changing the industry? Then the SOLO plan is made for you.

Get access to unique collaboration projects, personalized marketing content, exclusive knowledge center insights, and integrate the 6 pillars of Meaningful Marketing into your company DNA. Want to start shaping the marketing industry? Join today.

Price: € 450 excl. VAT

/ Ahead of the Curve

The BAM network is a focal point for marketers from all backgrounds to meet, question current practices, and create a meaningful impact in the industry. As marketers, we cross-pollinate with each other to answer the question “what can we do better?”

Ready to spark conversations with industry giants like Google, Facebook, and Proximus? Connect now and start today.

? Questions / Contact

Do you need more detailed information on which plan best suits your company and future plans? Please contact Sarah Vyverman - sarah.vyverman@marketing.be - 02 234 54 08